1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

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The Transmission used in this conversion is a Getrag 282 5-speed from an 88 Beretta. The flywheel used with the Series 1 engine was a 2.8L welded, redrilled and balanced to match the SC3800 engine. Now with the Series 2 engine, a Camaro flywheel was modified to work with the front wheel drive transmission.

The clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder assembly is from an 89 Grand Prix. The shifter started life in an 88 Beretta, but had a few Trofeo shifter pieces added to fit the floor pan. The stock Trofeo brake pedal was used, but the pedal pad was cut off and a new one built. The clutch pedal assembly also came from the 88 Beretta. Of course, this also had to be modified.

Here's the transmission bolted up to the engine on the subframe. Not quite a bolt in....

NOTE: The 2x4 isn't installed in the car, it's just there to hold things in place while building the mounts.

If you follow the hose from the clutch reservoir, you'll find the master cylinder buried in there.


This is the bracket that links the engine and transmission jack shaft to the mount on the frame.


In the lower photo, you can see the remote oil filter system. The oil filter adapter is machined from an aluminum plate. The plate was also designed for recessed button head allen screws to provide additional clearance for the inner CV joint.

It was also drilled and tapped to allow the stock oil pressure sending unit to be installed near the stock location for proper oil pressure readings and fuel pump operation.


Here you can see the cruise control on it's modified bracket, under it is the clutch slave cylinder.

In the top photo are the transmission shift cables. These were made by Control Cables, Inc. 1/4" rod ends on each side make for some nice shifting!

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