1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

Series 2 Supercharged Engine

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After running a few years with the Series 1 Supercharged 3800, which had over 200K on it, the time came for another upgrade - Series 2.

While the Series 1 was almost a bolt-in, from a mechanical standpoint, the Series 2 required modification to all the mount brackets, the throttle cable had to be replaced, as did the cruise control cable. Since the Trofeo is such a well-optioned car, all features had to work. If you have to make excuses for options not working, the conversion isn't done right. Fast isn't enough in a refined car such as this.


Engine delivered. A little greasy, but not bad for a 110K engine.

After a good cleaning, it was time to install some of the Trofeo specific parts, including the modified Camaro flywheel.

Next the 2000 Chevy Vortec 5300 coils had to be installed. Luckily, the used coils came with the stock brackets, which could be heavily modified to fit on the 3800.
Once the engine was installed, the it was time to modify the wiring harness for the various sensors and injectors and build the CNP harness.


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