1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

Engine Modifications

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Mechanically, there is not much modification required to install the supercharged engine. The power steering hose was modified. The upper radiator hose and heater hoses had to be swapped out from a 95 Bonneville SSEi. The Bonneville engine drive belts were also used. The fuel lines need to be modified to fit the quick connect plastic style used on the newer engines. I chose to adapt the steel lines to the engine. Another alternative would be to use the plastic lines from a newer Trofeo. As to the oil filter adapter, if you're using the automatic transmission, you could either use the stock Trofeo piece, or the Bonneville part with the external oil cooler. In the transmission section, you can see what I had to do because of the 5-speed.


Here's the original 3800 removed from the car. With 196,000 miles it still ran great and didn't use any oil!

Subframe removed from the car getting ready for the new power.

Here it is, on the subframe ready to start making transmission mounts.

Supercharged engine on the stand, most of the accessories on and ready to install!

Note: The original Trofeo alternator fits fine.


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