1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

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Here's what happens when you decide to put a VIC in a non-VIC car!

There's lots of wiring in these cars!

This car, being an 88, was not available with the optional U68 Visual Information Center. For those not familiar with this, it's a color CRT touch screen used to control the radio, climate control, Navigation and other features.

I figured if the car was going to be supercharged, it should have the coolest option available.

Grey dash installed (remember, this car had red interior originally) with the VIC working!

This is one of those moments where you sit back with a cup of coffee (or the adult beverage of your choice) and take it in...

More wires...and the new CLUTCH PEDAL. The pedal pads on the brake and clutch pedal are the work of Jim Yaukovitz, made from a 76 Cadillac Fleetwood brake pedal pad.

The pedals are set with the clutch pedal higher than the brake pedal as seen in most RWD applications. I've always found that more comfortable for 'performance driving'.

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