GM E Body

12" Front brake conversion

1988-1991 GM E-Body cars were equipped with 10.8" Front rotors. If you do a lot of high speed stops, these rotors will easily warp. This may work on 86-87 cars, but I haven't had one here to verify this. In 1992 the brakes were upgraded so this would not really be necessary on these cars. The spindle is different in 92, so that package wouldn't be a bolt on for the older models.

NOTE: 15" rims will not clear this brake package. Most 16" and larger will work. 90-91 Trofeo 16" rims will hit the caliper, but similar looking 1992 rims will fit.

Complete conversion kit: $460.00 Includes shipping in the cont. US.
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Includes all parts necessary for the conversion. You will need regular hand tools for installation.


Here's the comparison. In the top photo the left is the upgrade rotor, on the right is the stock one. Below, it should be just as easy to tell the difference





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